Havering MP’s and Councillors speak about proroguing.

Yesterday saw the country once again divide itself with either those supporting the Prime Minister’s decision in the proroguing of Parliament or stand against what they are calling a ‘coup’.

The Havering Daily spoke to three high ranking members of the Havering community to find out what their views and thoughts on this matter are.

Andrew Rosindell the Romford MP told the Havering Daily ‘Remainers who call this a ‘coup’ is hypocrisy at its finest, they have spent the last three years using every legislative trick in the book to derail and delay us leaving the EU.

Prorogation is a standard process that takes place before every new Parliament session and Queen’s speech, allowing the Government to set out its agenda.

This has already been one of the longest Parliamentary sessions in the modern era and MP’s hoping to reverse Brexit are clearly disappointed the Government is using Parliamentary means to carry out its policies.’

Jon Cruddas, Dagenham and Rainham MP told the Havering Daily ‘The prorogation of Parliament has shown the Prime Ministers complete disregard of parliamentary democracy. This isn’t about leave or remain anymore, this is about the erosion of the democratic process – an unelected Prime Minister shutting down parliament to force through his own agenda without debate.

Councillor Graham Williamson, South Hornchurch Residents Association Councillor told the Havering Daily ‘The Government say the ‘proroguing’ is overdue, they need to propose new legislation and that only 4-5 working days would be lost but I can’t help conclude that it is being carried out to minimise the chances to block Brexit.

Obviously tinkering with Parliamentary procedures can be dangerous but up to now (apart from May’s desire to implement her ‘Deal’ without a Parliamentary vote in the early days) it has been Remain MP’s and campaigners that have, with the help of the Judiciary and the House Speaker, tried to change the rules.  

The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the suspension of Parliament would become “the day UK democracy died” but I think that it ‘died’ when MP’s refused to accept the result of the 2016 referendum. Personally, I put the People’s Democracy higher than Parliamentary and the latter’s three years worth of attempt(s) to block or sabotage Brexit must, for the sake of democracy and common sense, be brought to an end.

Do you agree with the Prime Minister’s views? Let us know your thoughts and views on this topic.

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