Boundary changes to be made across Havering


A meeting was held at Havering town hall last night for all councillors to discuss the recent set of boundary changes taking place all across London.

The last boundary changes were made in 2002 and Havering are now preparing themselves for the latest changes.

The borough will make its recommendations to the Local Government Boundaries Commission that has the final say in the size of each ward and how many councillors each ward will have.

Leader of the Council Councillor Damian White told the Havering Daily, ‘We have set up an internal officers working party to look into all wards and they will give their findings to us to be discussed at a special full council meeting the 25th of September

It is important that every ward and councillor have the right number of voters and that everything is done proportionally. We need to make sure that each councillor has an equal number of voters.’

The changes could see, either one, two or three councillors per ward according to the size of the ward and its voters.

Following the special full council meeting on the 25th of September, the council will then send their recommendations off to the Boundaries Commission and await their results.

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