VIDEO: Globe Road resident angry at new parking bays installed.

Residents living on Globe Road are no strangers to parking nightmares. Due to a nearby school, Globe Road and surrounding roads suffer with horrendous parking issues during the school run time in the morning and in the afternoon at home time.

After returning home from a short holiday, one local resident who lives on Globe Road discovered that the road had been resurfaced and that the parking bays had been extended to now go right across residents’ driveways.

The resident who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily:

“I came home and when I looked out I saw that the parking bays had been extended to one large bay that now goes right across people’s driveways.

“I couldn’t believe it. We already have so many issues on this road during the school run time. Parking is a nightmare. People can’t get off their drive as they are blocked in by parents and now they put bays across people’s drive ways.

“The road is tight on either side as it is and very congested. Parents and carers with prams and buggies have to dodge vehicles parked up and often can’t see between cars parked.

“We have asked people to move their cars before now and some parents aren’t always very receptive.

“This new extended parking bay will now just make matters even worse during the school run time as it will give residents the ability to parking right across our drive ways.

“This is a quiet road except for school run time when it becomes a nightmare. I don’t know why they have done this but it really is beyond belief.”

St Albans ward Councillor Judith Holt told the Havering Daily:

“We are pleased that Globe Road has been resurfaced after our efforts to help the traffic flow in the road, but are concerned if parking bays have been painted incorrectly. We have contacted the Highways Officer in charge of Globe Road to check what is happening.”

The resident has also written to the council officer to find out what is going on and why the bays have been extended.

The Havering Daily is currently awaiting a quote from the council in response to this.

A video showing the new extended parking bays on Globe Road.
The extended parking bays on Globe Road.

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