Secret Artist Exhibition held at Rainham Hall.

The Rainham Creativity Squad (Havering Changing) and Rainham Hall set out to uncover all the hidden and unknown artists of Rainham, RM13. 

Knowing there are a lot more creative people in their town RCS went on a quest to find the people who secretly craft away in their garden sheds, who secretly draw in their bedroom and who secretly build in their basement but never show anyone. People who wouldn’t call themselves an ‘artist’ appeared out of the woodwork and submitted fantastic artwork.

Secret Artist Exhibition is a group of 40 creative individuals of Rainham showcasing a variety of artworks. From printmaking, textiles, painting, sculpture to drawing and digital art, this exhibition will surely be an exciting and enlightening experience. 

Babs Thwaites Curator told the Havering Daily:

“What makes this exhibition so exciting is the fact that it can be secret and anonymous. And, it is a fantastic opportunity for people of Rainham to show and exhibit their amazing art and craft work in such a prestige venue as The Hayloft at Rainham Hall and Garden. I am so pleased to have been involved from the initial idea through to, what is an impressive exhibition.”

Pop along to the exhibition in support of the creative people of your local community.

Exhibition Opening Times:

2nd – 27th August 

Tues-Sat 11am – 4pm

Hayloft, Rainham Hall and Gardens

The Broadway


RM13 9YN

Generously supported by Havering Changing’s Creative People and Places Programme and Rainham Hall & Garden, National Trust. With special thanks to Artist & Curator Babs Thwaites who initiated the project and curated a fantastic exhibition and Charlotte from Bluerskies Mindful Creatives who produced the project.

The Secret Artist Exhibition held in Rainham throughout August.

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