Mum of toddler hits out at GP shortage and long queues to see a doctor after two year old son develops a rash.

Harold Wood mum angry at GP shortage making it hard for her son to see a doctor.

Last week Samantha from Harold Wood took her two and a half year old son to see her GP after he felt unwell. She was told he had a chest infection and prescribed penicillin. Unfortunately her son developed a rash a day and half later following the taking of antibiotics and Samantha needed to bring her son back to be seen.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I took pictures of my son’s rash and emailed them to the practice so they could see what my son had. I then phoned the surgery and asked if I could have an appointment for my son to see if he needed his antibiotics changed. I was told they were fully booked and that only one doctor was at the practice and the others were working from home. I asked the receptionist if a doctor could please have a look at my email and just change the medication and they said this was not possible.

“I was worried for my son so I then attended the practice in person to see if there was anyway a doctor could please help me, but they were fully booked all day and could not look at my emails either.”

Samantha was extremely concerned for her son and decided to take him to the walk in clinic in Harold Wood.

“We had a three hour wait there and when we finally got seen we were told that it was not conclusive that the rash was caused by antibiotics so were referred back to my GP or attend A and E.

“I did not want to attend A and E as it was not an emergency and it could have been dealt with quickly if there were more GP’s. When the doctor gave me the antibiotics for my son, he told me that if there were any problems to ring back and when I do, you can’t see a doctor.

“I know after Covid doctors have been really rushed off their feet and I do feel for them and understand that there is a shortage of GP’s that is making it really hard for everyone. But now with all the new flats being built, how is the system going to cope?” finished Samantha.

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