Havering Residents Association make history by taking control of the Council.

Havering Residents Association made history last night (Wednesday 25 May) with Leader of their Group, Councillor Ray Morgon being elected as Leader of Havering Council. The first Council Leader in London to come from a non-national party.

On May 5th 2022, Havering became a Council with no overall control when 23 Conservatives, 20 Havering Residents Association, 9 Labour and 3 Harold Wood Councillors were elected. Adding to this mix is an internal split within the Havering Conservative Group and public indifference to their Leader, Councillor Damian White.

A stable Administration is essential to ensure that the day-to-day functions of the Council carry on otherwise the ultimate alternative is for the Government to send in Commissioners to run the Council with a lack of democratic accountability.

To avoid this scenario, Havering Residents Association took the decision to stand Councillor Ray Morgon, their Group Leader as Leader of the Council, in opposition to Councillor Damian White.

On being elected, Councillor Ray Morgon told the Havering Daily: “It is a privilege to take on what will be a very challenging role in the next four years, but one that I look forward to along with a team of experienced and talented colleagues.

What residents said during the election is that it is time for change. We now need to ensure that the voices of residents, staff, businesses and the variety of voluntary organisation are listened to and that we focus on the things that matter to them. Everyone has a role to play to bring about the changes that Havering needs.”

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