After school anti social behaviour in Elm Park tackled by police and council enforcement team.

Elm Park councillors have been in communication with Havering Council ASB team and the Met Police, who between them they are carrying out many actions to tackle anti social behaviour across Elm Park after school hours.

A Statement from the Council Anti social behaviour Team said:

“The Community Safety Team have sent the attached to the below schools as there has been noticeable escalation in ASB and youth disorder after school in the Elm Park area specifically around the Broadway and Elm Park Avenue where all the shops and businesses are.  The Police have emailed the head teachers as pupils from the below schools have been identified as being regularly present in this area.  – Abbs Cross school- Olive Academy- Hornchurch High- Brittons.

“In recent weeks incidents include someone assaulted with a broken bottle, a young person arrested for possession of a knife and a fight which resulted in large scale youth disorder and an officer being assaulted. The young people identified in the fight are being dealt with by a proactive multi-agency approach co-ordinated via the Community Safety Officer and Police colleagues.

“As a result the police will be providing an increased police presence in this area after school over the coming weeks and will be taking positive action against any young people involved in ASB and committing offences.  We (Community Safety) are supporting this approach, we have asked for the schools to support us by assisting in identifying the young people and placing sanctions on those individuals who are from local schools.

The Elm Park area will also be included as part of future days of action currently being planned”

A Statement below from the Met Police:

“We currently have Operation Chariton now running in term time up until the end of the school holidays.  This will see a police presence of schools and neighbourhood officers every day between 3pm and 5pm and we will also be working with other units such as BTP and Safer Transport to provide more visibility in that area at the key times.  We also have ‘days of action’ planned within this which will incorporate tactics such as knife arches and drugs dogs being deployed.   

“I have personally liaised with all the head teachers of the schools mentioned below and they are very much on-board and supportive and will assist in identifying individuals involved in ASB and youth disorder and look to place internal school sanctions on them.

I think it’s important to point out that it is unfortunately a small minority of the young people that are responsible for the majority of the issues and actually most of the young people we are engaging with are polite and supportive of the police presence.”  

Councillor Stephanie Nunn said:

“We are used to seeing the working dogs who are trained to sniff out drug users (and pyrotechnics), but today we also had a knife arch at Elm Park Station.”

Sergeant Louis Shuttleworth who proactively works hard daily across Elm Park and South Hornchurch told the Havering Daily:

“Along with the regular use of drugs dogs we hope the use of this knife arch will send out a strong message and act as a deterrent to people intending to bring knives to Elm Park.”

Great team work by all involved.

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