What next for Havering?

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Voters ask who will run our council for the next four years following the recent local elections.

Many residents have contacted the Havering Daily asking us what is happening to our local council following the recent local elections. Others have questioned and speculated on social media, enquiring as to what is happening with the formation of Havering’s Council Administration. 
An inside source told the Havering Daily: 

“The Councillor numbers mean that no one party/group has a majority. For a functioning Council to operate, a majority of councillors must support an Administration under one Leader. As things stand of the two largest groupings, the Conservative group after much controversy have re-elected Damian White as their Leader and the Havering Residents Association (HRA) have elected Ray Morgan.” 

The source added:

“The choice of the smaller parties, the Labour Party (LP) under Keith Darvill, has the choice of either supporting an HRA Administration under Ray Morgan or a Conservative one under Damian White. The Council numbers also mean that if the Labour Party doesn’t choose between them and alternatively vote for themselves or abstain, Councillor Damian White will one again become Leader of Havering Council.”

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