Thank you Beam Park residents.


New elected Labour councillors for Beam Park Trevor McKeever and Matthew Stanton today write in the Havering Daily:

Now the dust has settled, Matthew and I would like to thank all the residents of Beam Park that came out and voted for us. We are extremely grateful to you, for putting your trust in us.

We have been representing residents prior to the election and continue to do so, as the case work comes in.

Since being elected we have put arrangements in place to meet with corporate companies within Havering to discuss resident’s concerns, details will be released through our newsletter and Facebook Page.

We are aware of the challenging times ahead, both nationally and locally, as we enter into this cost-of-living crisis and energy debacle, we will always aim to have our residents concerns and issues front and centre of our agenda.

Thank you all once again.

Labour Councillors for Beam Park Trevor Mckeever and Matthew Stanton.

Councillors Matthew Stanton and Trevor McKeever.

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