Adela Meer – H.R.A Candidate for Harold Wood

The Havering Daily is running a list of the different candidates across Havering in preparation for the local elections on May 5.

Today we have Adela Meer, who is an H.R.A Candidate for Harold Wood ward.

My father worked in local government as a lawyer for most of his life and I saw his passion for the community.

In 2019 my community suffered a tragedy. a needless massacre of trees took place in a vibrant lane behind my house. The Ombudsman recently found the council at fault for a failure to respond to a request by a resident asking for a TPO to be placed on the trees in the lane, where subsequently a TPO was issued by a council officer. The couple who own this land had already murdered many innocent trees, some over 80 years old, by the time the TPO arrived. A lack of proper council procedures led to this failure. The council were too late but they did have an opportunity to prevent this.

Endangered wildlife, the environment, community privacy and mental health were all affected, it took place during the first lockdown so at a difficult time for all. The land continues to be an eyesore, it was a beautiful haven that provided privacy from the existing community seamlessly with the new build estate of Kings Park.

At the time I wrote to the local Councillors, Brian Eagling, Darren Wise and Martin Goode, I also wrote to the leader of the council Damian White and the Chief Executive Andrew Blake-Herbert, many other residents also took time to do this. This was the first time in 6 years I had called upon my council for help. I did not feel as if they were hearing our distress. As a resident, this was upsetting. I believe they have a duty in their council roles to help prevent environmental destruction, they failed in this job.

I was given a personal apology by the council and a promise to plant trees on The Drive. This should never have been allowed to happen and this is why councillors in touch with their community matter. An environment devastated, protected wildlife simply ‘cleared’ away. This apology covers a range of failures on the council’s behalf. Their inability to act upon a resident’s concerns led to a series of reckless acts.

This incident woke me up as to how important a sense of residential camaraderie coupled with council support is. I felt my council had not shown this on many past occasions and then more traumatically this time. From the lack of proper recycling and litter to road conditions, an absence of important established services like places for young people to thrive. That is why I now stand as your H.R.A representative, together we can improve the structure of our council and support each other in finding what’s best for those who live in each other’s spaces. We all pay taxes every month and ask our council to manage those funds respectively. The H.R.A are not aligned to any particular party they are aligned to you, the people who live here. We work for you.

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