Exclusive:Network Rail to fell 40 trees instead of 600 and agree to plant trees back in our community.

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Amazing community effort and swift intervention by the Romford MP Andew Rosindell saves hundreds of trees from the axe.

Representatives from Network Rail came to Romford yesterday (Monday 24 January) to meet with the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and locals to discuss the tree felling situation.

The Havering Daily has been reporting regularly on this story that began when residents who saw a contractor chopping down a very old Oak tree at the back of their garden on the Romford to Upminster line and were horrified.

There had been very little communication from Network Rail and no consultation with locals about the work planned. The company then issued a statement informing residents that they had identified 600 trees ready for the axe, which left locals furious.

Many of these trees are hundreds of years old and contain endless wildlife. There are conservation sites present with tree protection orders in place, as well as protected species such as badgers, bats, slow worms and many others living along these areas.

Residents joined forces and united with local councillors and the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to fight Network Rail to stop their trees from being destroyed.

Yesterday, Charles Baker and Liam Allen from Network Rail met with Mr Rosindell and told the Havering Daily live on our feed that now 40 trees, instead of 600 have been identified as needing to be cut due to disease and possible threat to the railway line.

Mr Rosindell, who has supported the residents from the very start of this battle, also asked for written evidence to confirm this and to see where these trees that need to be felled are.

This has been an amazing community effort by everyone involved. A team of residents who set up a group to fight the rail company’s destruction, have worked tirelessly day and night to save our trees. Andrew Rosindell MP and his office have supported residents throughout and have acted swiftly to stop further trees from being destroyed. Local councillors have also been active in supporting their residents and making their voices heard.

Network Rail yesterday told the Havering Daily that they are happy to work with locals and plant new trees in the area and apologised for the poor lack of communication.

Havering Climate Coalition campaigner Gina Must and St Albans ward Councillor Judith Holt.
Liam Allen from Network Rail with Gina Must,Andrew Rosindell MP, Councillor Judith Holt and GLA Member Keith Prince.

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