Angry residents hold protest outside of Crow Metals in Romford.


Local residents living on Crow Lane and nearby roads came out to protest on Saturday 22 January about the ongoing environmental issues they face living near the scrap metal company. Independent Residents Association councillors joined in the protest to support locals living in the area.

The event was organised by Ajay Pal Singh, who has set up the Facebook group, ‘We will be Heard’ complaining about the issues locals face by living next to Crow Metals.

One resident told the Havering Daily:

“We have been fighting the constant health and safety issues from this scrap company for more than ten years. Homes, gardens, footpaths and roads are covered in swarf and plastic cables, the noise from metal on metal, the constant HGV’s illegally parking on Crow Lane and Justums Lane on double yellow lines, parking bays and on footpaths.

“The noise begins on most days at 6am, whilst lorries sit idling outside of residents homes. Due to the noise and swarf, many locals cannot open their window and their children cannot play outside in their gardens.”

The company was recently closed by the Environmental Agency for a month whilst investigations took place. But now, residents are angry at the noise starting all over again.

“This company has outgrown this space and needs to relocate to a more appropriate area suitable for heavy industrial work and not on the doorstep of homes and nurseries.”

Despite this protest there is another side to this story.There are many locals who support the company as they have provided jobs for residents in the area and have been job providers for many years here in Havering.

In response Crow Metals have issued the following statement:

Over the last six months, Crow Metals have been engaging with residents, elected representatives and statutory bodies, such as Havering Council and the Environmental Agency to address and resolve complaints lodged about our business operations.

On 23 September 2021, the Environment Agency presented Crow Metals with its biggest test to date when they suspended our licence to investigate complaints relating to noise and vibrations.

By working constructively with the Environment Agency during this period, we made a number of changes to our business operations, which led to the reinstatement of our license on 27 October 2021, enabling us to resume trading.

Moreover, we are putting in place a Noise and Vibration Management Plan (NVMP), which once ratified, the Environment Agency will use as a basis to monitor our noise / vibration levels.  They have informed us that they will make random future spot checks on our business.

On the issue of dust, the Environment Agency have concluded through its own independent testing that Crow Metals is not producing or spreading harmful dust particles.  This issue of dust and more widely, air quality, is not a matter of concern for the Environment Agency.

On the issue of parking, Crow Metals is testing proposed solutions with residents and Havering Council.  We will be in a position to provide more information about this specific matter in the near future.

Joe Wakefield, Director of Crow Metals states:

“The issue of air quality and dust has been ruled out by the Environment Agency.  Moreover, the Environment Agency are satisfied with the measures we have put in place to reduce noise and vibrations, that’s why they gave us the all-clear and reinstated our licence, enabling us to resume trading.

“We know that we have a lot of work to do to rebuild trust with our neighbours.  The measures we have put in place to reduce noise impact is a step in the right direction, and we look forward to presenting our proposed parking strategies in due course.” 

Residents and councillors protest on Saturday.
Local children with their banners.

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