How do Havering MP’s view the decriminalisation of drugs?

The Havering Daily has asked our three MP’s- Andrew Rosindell, Jon Cruddas and Julia Lopez, their view on the decriminalisation of drugs and the use of rehabilitation instead of jail time.

Please see their views below:

Romford MP -Andrew Rosindell told the Havering Daily:

“I find it very concerning that the Mayor of London has decided to implement trials to decriminalise possession of some drugs in parts of Greater London.

I find it especially worrying after it was confirmed that 2021 was the worst year for youth violence with drugs playing a major part in that.

We are seeing more and more drug related deaths, violence and abuse, that is why I feel that the Mayor of London is making a grave error and one which could have tragic consequences on families across the region.

The use of drugs is directly leading to an increase in crime and it is more prominent in London than in any other town or city across the U.K., not only that, the criminality involved in the production, trafficking and supply of drugs cannot be understated.

Mr. Khan is showing a total disregard for the national crackdown, led by our Home Secretary, on recreational drug use to ensure those who break the law face consequences, which is only right.

It is important that we as a United Kingdom support the Government and Home Office’s new drugs strategy which commits £300m of funding to keeping drugs off our streets and breaking up the county lines gangs.”

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas told the Havering Daily:

“Whilst I agree that there should be a debate based on evidence on the decriminalisation of the specific use of cannabis, I am personally opposed to decriminalising drug use.

The devastation that drugs bring to families and the damage to communities strengthen my opposition to legalising drug use. I agree that as a society we need to do much more to improve drug rehabilitation programmes and we also need to start to rebuild youth and community services that have been so devastated by cuts over the last ten years.”

Hornchurch and Upminster MP Julia Lopez told the Havering Daily:

“Just before Christmas, the Prime Minister launched a major initiative to crackdown on recreational drug use. The government’s bold intervention in this area is designed to get tough with drug users but also to invest heavily in their rehabilitation, with some £780 million set aside for drug treatment and recovery services. This joined-up approach is not just about helping drug users themselves but is a recognition of the misery that low level drug-dealing and related crime causes to communities up and down the country.

“I want Havering to benefit from that major push because I know how drug-dealing, drug-taking and associated crime – alongside the hell of addiction – affects people’s lives in our constituency of Hornchurch and Upminster. Residents do not want to see any activity related to drugs on our streets, by their homes or in public places. They do not want their kids to be pulled into that kind of life and they do not want to see crime gangs prosper from the drug trade. Should Mayor Khan look at effectively decriminalising that kind of activity in parts of our capital, the Met would find itself at odds with the approach we are taking nationally.

“As the Prime Minister said, tackling so-called lifestyle drug users who do not think they are part of the problem is a key part of the strategy. In the end, all demand is helping to create that problem. So the idea that the Met could be instructed by the Mayor to look the other way through stopping prosecution for possession of certain drugs – that is concerning to me as an MP and, I am sure, to Havering residents.”

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