‘I really am at my wits end-everyday is a nightmare.’

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Disabled mother’s plea to move flat as autistic son tries to jump off the balcony.

A lady living on the second floor flat on Wood Lane in Elm Park is close to breaking down after begging the Council for two years to move her as she is disabled and her six year old son is autistic and attempts to jump off the balcony most days.

The lady who does not wish to be named, suffers with severe arthritis and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome that means her muscles are wasting away and she has no ability to grip or hold objects.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I am on the second floor flat and there is no lift here. I cannot hold the railing when I go downstairs and have frequently fallen down the stairs. My son also struggles down stairs and holds on to me to go down the stairs which adds more pressure as I can’t grab the railing for support.

“I have been living here for 11 years, it is during the last 6 years that I have become disabled and my son has now been diagnosed with autism. He tries to get out the front door and the flats are on a main road so I worry if he gets out. He also tries to jump off the balcony. I have begged the Council to please come and fit some locks on my doors and windows to prevent him from getting out, but still nothing.”

The disabled mum is now getting support from her local MP Jon Cruddas in a bid to move to a ground floor flat for her health and her son’s safety.

“I really am in such a bad situation.My son has no danger awareness and that scares me. He attempts to open the front door and get out onto the main road. I struggle to get out and I am relying on my family to help me everyday.

“I need a property that is not dangerous for my son or one on the ground floor so that I can go out to get shopping. I depend on my family and friends so much.

“I really am at my wits end. I have called everyone for help.”

We are currently awaiting a quote from Havering Council.

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