VIDEO: Positive police recruitment event held in Newham.

Friday 17 December saw the start of a fantastic four day recruitment event held by North East Area police in Newham.

The event was run by Sergeant Kiki Ogunsanya and held outside of Stratford library where many local police officers came out to talk to residents about the incredible opportunities the Met police is offering to people interested in a career in policing.

Sergeant Ogunsanya and her team of officers spoke to locals about policing and were able to positively engage with the community.

The Met is actively looking to recruit members from all the diverse communities across London, so that it it can reflect the communities it looks after.

For anyone who is interested in joining the Met or starting a career in policing, please see the link below.

Well done to Sergeant Ogunsanya who is an amazing role model for anyone wishing to join the police.

Sergeant Ogunsanya and her team of officers outside of Stratford library over the weekend.

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