Hero police officers save woman’s life after she collapses and dies.

Two PC’s bring woman back after she fits and dies at the Romford Christmas lights switch on.

PC James Nicholson and PC Ben Smith are truly two heroes. Part of the Romford town centre team, the officers were at the Christmas lights switch on on November 18 when they were approached by a lady with her young son and sister telling them that she had pains in her chest.

PC Nicholson told the Havering Daily:

“The lady was with her young son when she came to us telling us that she had pains in her chest and wasn’t feeling well. We knew there was an ambulance in the Market Place so guided her towards the crew to get help.

“The lady then began having a fit which was very worrying for her family nearby and my colleague rushed over to get help from the ambulance crew.”

Sadly things then took a turn for the worse.

PC NIcholson continued:

“The fit lasted for two and a half minutes and when the lady came back, she said to me ‘Please I don’t want to die.’ She then collapsed and had no pulse, she had gone. I immediately began CPR and got her back round.”

It was in fact thanks to PC Nicholson that the lady is still alive and the paramedics have told the hero PC that it was indeed his swift action that saved the lady.

“Here at Romford town centre we work very closely with the local council and all the other establishments and they all provide us positive support. It’s great that we can all work together and help each other.”

The lady has since left hospital and is making a good recovery and PC Nicholson has received a letter of thanks.

PC NIcholson and PC Smith are two heroes who have saved a woman’s life all in a day’s work. Well done to both of them for being amazing heroes and community champions.

PC James Nicholson and PC Ben Smith.
Hero cops PC Smith and PC Nicholson.

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