Bully football players trash children’s pitches.

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A sports club in Harold Wood with over 360 children in their youth section have now lost access to some of their football pitches thanks to a group of men who come and play football every Saturday morning despite being asked not to due to the rain soaked conditions.

The group of men were asked to not use the pitches due to their poor conditions as a result of rain and damp weather, not only did they ignore the plea, but they then proceeded to play football and completely ruin the pitch for everyone else.

Harold Wood Cougars club secretary Brian Elwis told the Havering Daily:

“The pitch they have used is now unusable and we will not be able to play on it until February.

“I asked one of the players if they could please not use our pitches last week as they were not in a good condition and needed a week to dry out. Yet as always, they ignored me and were rude and continued to play on the pitch.”

Harold Wood Sports Association runs 6 men’s teams and 26 youth teams that actively play each week. They pay between £6,000 and £7,000 a year to lease the pitches from the council and look after the pitches to the best of their ability.

“This group of men have been coming here for the last three years, not paying a penny and using our pitches. Even during lockdown when we were restricted from playing they still came each week to play football.

“I have tried to speak with them but they are rude and aggressive. They arrive and remove the sign that clearly states that we have leased the pitches and play football. They don’t listen to us and do as they want.

“I now have pitches that our children cannot use because of their inconsideration and selfishness.”

The club are upset and angry that despite paying thousands each year to lease the pitches in Harold Wood Park, nothing seems to be able to stop this group of men from conming and doing what they want.

“They have destroyed our pitch and left it unplayable. I have youngsters who cannot play football now thanks to them.”

The grass less pitch that was trashed by the bully footabllers.
The sign that clearly states that the pitches are leased to the club.

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