‘Once again we have been left with no hot water in the middle of winter’.

Hornchurch man with young family left repeatedly with out hot water after water tank breaks down again.

Since 2016 Matthew Halford and his family have been living in a flat with a water tank that repeatedly breaks down every year, at times three times a year leaving the family with two small children without hot water for days.

Matthew rents a flat from L&Q housing on Haynes Park Court in Hornchurch and has been at his wits ends trying to get the problem resolved, including contacting his local MP to get help.

He told the Havering Daily:

“Each year it is taking longer and longer for them to fix it. It always goes in the winter, leaving myself and my family without hot water for days.

“After my MP Andrew Rosindell dealt with the issue and L&Q giving me another poor excuse as to why they will not replace the tank, even though they admitted that it started breaking down yearly as from 2013, I knew I had to take further action.

“This has happened so many times now, often it trips the electrical fuse box and I land up arguing with the housing people.

“On once occasion the repairman came and said ‘the tank looks in a state and should have been fully replaced before you moved in.’ I informed him that they told me the tank was in perfect working order. The repair man answered ‘It is definitely not in perfect working order, the fact that it is balanced on a wooden plank and all the thermal wrapping is falling apart and being tied on with string, should tell them it needs replacing.’

Matthew is once again with no hot water and his children aged 7 and 5 do not have any access to a bath. Matthew has been on the phone trying to get the issue resolved again and is thoroughly fed up with having a tank that is repeatedly breaking down leaving his family with no way of washing.

An L&Q spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear that Mr Halford is having ongoing problems with his hot water tank.

“The safety and welfare of our residents is our number one priority, so we take complaints of this nature very seriously.

“Engineers have attended his home a number of times over the last four years to carry out repairs to the system.

“A further issue was reported to us again on Thursday (December 9). An electrician and plumber will attend the resident’s home tomorrow morning (December 15) to remove the affected element of the hot water tank and install a new one. We will then carry out further investigations to establish why the same fault keeps occurring.

“We apologise that this has taken longer than it should have and will continue to work with Mr Halford to ensure the issue is fully resolved.”

Matthew’s water tank.

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