Harold Hill mum holds knife crime vigil in London in memory of all those who lost their life.

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I’m tired of talking, our children are being murdered on the streets and nobody cares”.

Peggy Kato lost her 17 year old son Champion Ghanda to knife crime, the day her life ended. Now, everyday of her life is spent campaigning to help youngsters stay away from knife crime and to be a support for other bereaved parents who have experienced the horrors she has been through since losing her son.

Yesterday, Peggy alongside the Havering Daily, held a vigil in honour of all those who lost their life outside of New Scotland Yard on the Embankment. The bereaved mum was joined by many other parents who have lost their children and anti knife crime campaigners including former East End gangster Chris Lambrianou who came to give his support to parents.

Peggy told the Havering Daily:

“I’m tired of talking, I don’t know what else there is to say. Our children are being murdered daily on the streets and nobody cares. The police do the best the can but where are the authorities?

“Two weeks ago we saw a 12 year old girl stabbed to death in Liverpool, there are no words to describe the pain her parents must be going through. Where are our leaders? Why aren’t they addressing these horrors? She was just 12 years old. I have no more words.”

Peggy was joined by Ben Spann and Terry Ellis from the anti knife crime campaign ‘Change Your Life Put Down Your Knife’ that supports youngsters across the Midlands and London.

Also present was Jason Fathers who lost his 18 year old son Jay this year in January when he tackled a neighbour armed with two knives in a desperate bid to disarm the man and in the process lost his life. Jay died a hero.

The mother of an NHS worker who was brutally stabbed last year in East London was also present and made a moving speech at the vigil. Marian shared the moments her son David was killed by a machete wielding gang when all her son had done was go out to get some fresh air after working non stop.

David Gomoh’s mum now has no life, ‘part of me has died’ she says crying.

Another family who will not be spending Christmas with their loved ones.

The mother of 18 year old Kamran Khalid and his two friends were also at the vigil to remember Kamran. He was stabbed in Ilford in October this year by a 15 year old boy. His mother told the Havering Daily: ‘Half of me has died, my life will never be the same again.”

The vigil saw families light candles and pay their tributes and respects to all those murdered and to say a pray for every family that will not be able to spend their Christmas with their loved ones.

Peggy Kato with Marian.
Bereaved parents with anti knife crime campaigners.
Bereaved father Jason Fathers with Chris Lambrianou.

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