Public Accessible Bleed Control Cabinet installed in London.

Well done to Let The Youth Live organisation who installed the first ever public accessible bleed control cabinet in south London two months ago and are now preparing to launch a second kit.

These kits are vital to save lives in our communities and organisations such as Let The Youth Live, work non stop to try and save our youth from bleeding to death by installing these kits across our communities.

Lisa told the London news section of the Havering Daily:

“After our successful launch of the first in London Community Emergency Public Accessible Bleed Control Cabinet located outside Tesco Express East Dulwich Road, on Thursday 16th September 2021,
we are now launching our second in a London Community Cabinet in the next few weeks which will be located in Peckham SE.15

“Please join our campaign to get these life saving cabinets into every borough, every high street every block every community across London and nationwide.”

These kits are designed to prevent catastrophic blood loss following trauma or violence and to help control and stop severe bleeding while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.These cabinets are a vital life saving piece of kit which can be used by first responders or bystanders at the scene and contains an emergency bleed control kit which has the same quality equipment as is found on an ambulance, such as haemostat dressings, gloves, a tourniquet and a chest seal.

Each kit is logged with the Ambulance Service and accessible 24hrs a day, the cabinet is accessed by a code provided by the emergency services. No training is required as the emergency services will talk the user through every step of the way.

In London it takes an ambulance an average of seven minutes to get to the scene of a major emergency; these kits are thus vital to anyone with a catastrophic bleed in an emergency to keep them alive until the ambulance arrives.

DJ Sweet Li, founder of Let The Youth Live, said, “These public access cabinets / kits are a vital tool in saving lives. We are excited that London’s Second Community Bleed Control Cabinet is about to be installed. We hope that this will be the start of many more cabinets across London Communities and furthermore, Nationwide.”

Lynne Baird, founder of the Daniel Baird Foundation, Pride of Britain Award Winner said: “In the year ending 2020 there were around 46,000 offences involving knives or sharp instrument(s) in England and Wales. A person can bleed to death in four minutes from a catastrophic bleed therefore early intervention is essential.”

These cabinets (which can also include a defibrillator) are vital in bridging this gap and ensuring people do not die on the street.

Mike ,Managing Director of Turtle Engineering said, “Bleeding from trauma injuries can prove fatal in three to five minutes so we are making it our mission to get the cabinets and bleed control kits truly accessible in all major towns and cities throughout the UK.”

Even more concerning is that it can take over 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach rural locations where the risk of serious injury from agricultural machinery, road traffic accidents and domestic accidents is further elevated.

If you would like to donate to help buy one of these kits, please see the link below.:

How Much Do They Cost?
Portable Bleed Control Kits cost £80 excluding VAT.
Cabinets with onboard bleed control kits cost £500 excluding VAT
The cabinet, with emergency bleed control kit and a public access defibrillator inside costs £1200+vat
For more information please contact:
Mike, Turtle Engineering Ltd, 01327 22 07 22 or
Lynne, Daniel Baird Foundation, 07594 170 341

The first bleed control cabinet installed in London thanks to Let The Youth Live.

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