Prolific Harold Hill shoplifter given a 94 week sentence and Community Behaviour Order.

A prolific shoplifter and burglar appeared in court on Monday 15 of November after being remanded in custody for multiple shoplifting and burglary offences.Bradley Thomas 34 years old was arrested by local police after being on the wanted list for numerous shoplifting offences that took place on Farnham Road and Petersfield Avenue.

The Gooshays Safer Neighbourhood Team worked closely with local shops who had complained that Thomas was repeatedly attending their premises and stealing items approximately £60-£100 worth a time.

Officers watched CCTV and were able to identify Bradley Thomas as the suspect. East Area BRIT team also had Thomas a suspect for burglary and as a result he was arrested by the Havering Joint Task Force Team in possession of stolen items from a burglary and multiple shoplifting events.

Thomas was then charged with Burglary and multiple shoplifting offences and was remanded in custody.

He was given a 94 week sentence and issued a Community Behaviour Order that lasts for five years.

The order means he is not to enter the Co-op Farnham Road, Boots on Petersfield Avenue.

He is also not to have drug paraphernalia or open bottles of alcohol.

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