Havering Residents Association ask-is our Council Leader running scared?

Havering Residents Association were not surprised to hear of Councillor Damian White’s move to stand in the new Havering-atte-Bower Ward. It was a move they had come to expect.

This isn’t the first move he has taken however within Havering. He first stood in Hylands Ward in 2010, then in the Squirrels Heath Ward, and now a move to the new Havering-atte-Bower Ward in 2022.

Councillor Ray Morgon Leader of the opposition said: “It is clear he has the ability to upset residents and finds himself having to move on. We feel sorry for the residents in Havering-atte-Bower as they appear to be his next victims. The H.R.A will however be ensuring they are provided with a credible alternative representative”.

Councillor Christine Vickery is to replace Councillor Damian White, standing with Councillor Michael White and GLA Member Keith Prince.

Councillor Graham Williamson, Deputy Chair of the H.R.A said: “Surely Keith Prince has enough work to do with the GLA. This will severely reduce his capacity to represent the residents in the Squirrels Heath Ward. It begs the question as to why he is standing as the Conservative representative, are they that desperate for candidates?”

The H.R.A membership has grown since their inception in 2019. Team members now include former senior local authority officers including, a former Chief Executive of a local authority, and a former Police Superintendent. Councillor Gillian Ford said:

“It is clear that the public have had enough of a Council that squashed local democracy, failed to deliver the things that matter to residents, such as maintained roads and are looking for a strong credible alternative. The three Harold Wood Councillors and their Conservative partners have failed to realise it is the whole borough that matters, not just pockets of their choice. We believe it is time for change”.

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