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Trees are a significant feature of Havering, a unique component of the urban landscape, which offer enjoyment, and a diversity of benefits to residents.

The presence of trees makes the harsh “concrete jungle” of the urban environment more acceptable and provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees are integral and a historic component of Havering. They contribute to the local character and define a sense of place.

Trees for Havering is a new campaign to plant thousands of trees within the London Borough of Havering.

Trees for Havering have worked alongside Havering council to identify areas across Havering where trees can be planted.  We will foster the support of local community groups, businesses, schools, and residents to deliver one of Havering’s largest tree-planting campaigns.

The campaign will inform and educate residents and businesses about the value of trees and explore ways for greater involvement from residents and businesses.

Trees for Havering will pursue the opportunity to work alongside organisations such as the Woodland Trust, Forestry England and Havering council to find locations where new trees can be planted and to ensure native species will be planted which complement the trees and woodlands indigenous to the area. 

We invite existing tree-planting groups, residents, and businesses to join our campaign.  We will also be inviting local schools to participate.

Trees for Havering will recruit ‘Tree Leaders’ across Havering who will assist us in organizing teams to plant trees in their planting location.

Tree Leaders will pledge to plant a number of trees that is manageable.  These trees will be delivered to their planting location.

Trees for Havering will obtain funding through various options.

Donations / Crowd Funding

Not everybody will be able to get out and plant trees, however, there will be those who still wish to contribute.  For this, we have created a GoFundMe campaign.  Monies raised can go towards buying more trees, equipment and cover other expenses such as logistics.

Our first delivery of trees arrives in early November and we will be looking to plant these as soon as possible.  Planting dates will likely be a day mid-week and a day on the weekends, running through to early January.  Tree Planting season is between November and March, so it is important we plant all these trees.  Further details will be given closer to the time, however, it is important to register your interest as early as possible.

If you would like to take part in our campaign and plant a tree for Havering, please complete the form below.

A new Facebook Page has been created so we can promote the campaign and share news and updates. Please like and follow here:

We need more Trees in Havering!

If you would like to get involved or join our campaign, please complete the form below.

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