Kings Estate residents angry at parking and maintenance issues.


Residents living on the Kings Park estate in Harold Wood are angry at the ongoing parking and maintenance issues.

Resident and H.R.A representative Adela Meer told the Havering Daily: “Following many residents emails and photographic evidence of repeated parking and maintenance issues around the Kings Park estate which is currently being used as a free car park, Havering Council have been unable to give us details of which parts they are responsible for and should have adopted from the developers Countryside Estates. We have been advised they have no budget for painting yellow lines which seems laughable, yet still we are left in the dark as to which parts they should be policing in terms of preventing illegal parking and ensuring important landscaping is being carried out.”

Residents,  already have evidence that one road on the estate was supposed to have been adopted by the council, yet this has not happened. This was confirmed by a member of the council who met Adela Meer at a site meeting regarding the space allocated in March 2017. 

Nearly five years later this is a ‘no man’s land’ unkempt and littered, along with illegal parking on the specified turning circle. This has led to the the councils own bin collection vehicles unable to collect the rubbish as they cannot turn in the turning circle, due to parked vehicles. 

Dan Lammin said: “This is totally unacceptable and the council should be ashamed of such poor management and lack of support to its residents”

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