Gallows Corner- ‘Betrayed yet again!’

Please find a Dear Editor Letter written to the Havering Daily today about the ongoing issue of Gallows Corner and how the people of Havering have once again been let down.

Dear Madam,
It’s been announced that Transport for London (TfL) are considering replacing the current“temporary” flyover (built 1971) with a permanent one constructed on the exact same lines.  Apart from needing less closures for maintenance/repairs, this’ll leave Gallows Corner exactly as it is now.  Traffic patterns will remain as they are.  Gallows Corner nowadays is as it was in 1971, but traffic levels are 26 times’ higher – and rising!

It’s explained the reason for straight replacement of “temporary-by-permanent” is because not enough land is available for a larger project.  Yet there’s much space as Gallows Corner is bordered by a car wash establishment and a drive-through catering establishment, which could easily be subject to compulsory purchase.
In short we’ve got nowhere, as we’re going to be exactly where we’ve been since 1971.  We’ve been betrayed yet again.  Ever since the ’50s when former Hornchurch MP Geoffrey Bing R.I.P. promised to improve Gallows Corner (well before an infamous 1971 temporary flyover was installed) a long list of Conservative politicians promised to improve this infamous Gallows Corner roundabout – seemingly only to pull in votes – and haven’t then seen it through.  I excuse the latest initiatives from Cllr. Ray Best, Julia Lopez MP, Keith Prince AM & Andrew Rosindell MP (tactfully listed in alphabetic order) from that comment – as they’ve tried.  But the current solution as announced today will make no difference.

Dave Ainsworth.

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