Yarnee and Kick Off@3- two amazing organisations promoting our youth through sport and music.

An east London student has launched his own clothing brand to help young people across the area.

Inyanne and his team of Havering volunteers, has set up a clothing brand entitled ‘Yarnee’ a Tamil word meaning who are you. The aim is to help youngsters across London with many different projects in fields such as music, sport and fashion.

Inyanne told the Havering Daily:

“I set up this clothing brand in June 2020 with the aim to make fashionable street wear for all ages, offering the opportunity for young designers to come forward and have the ability to put their creations from paper to real life clothing.

“We also work with young people in the sporting field where we run a football team that plays in many local events such as the Kick off @3 tournaments. We also participated in a big tournament that saw us play against the Met Police Violent Crime Task Force that really was a great opportunity to meet lots of new people.”

Yarnee also encourages the development of young people in the music industry.

Inyanne added:

“We booked out a warehouse for young people to come and perform in and then downloaded the tracks for Spotify.”

The Yarnee football team will be playing this evening at Bromley Football club where they are participating in the Kick Off @3 tournament.

Kick Off @3 was launched by Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien who are the founders of this fantastic non profit organisation.

The aim is to build better relationships with our youth and the police to encourage the building of trust between the two groups.

Michael told the Havering Daily:

“We formed Kick Off @3 with the dear wish to build a good relationship between our youth and the police across London.

“We began to run football tournaments that are really successful but also help youngsters in fields such as music, art, poetry and dance.

“Our ethos is to have long standing positive relationships with our youth and to have their trusts. Knife crime is real and needs to be addressed by everyone. I don’t think people understand the impact it has on a family.”

Before every game they play, a minute silence is held for every teenager and young person injured through serious youth violence.

Well done to both groups for the incredible work they are doing in our communities. It is ground level work like this that really makes a difference to our communities and most importantly to our youth.

Kick Off @3 founders Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien.
Yarnee Street wear.
Yarnee Founder Inyanne.
The Yarnee football team.

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