Police and youth debate-fantastic community engagement.

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Well done to Peguy Kato and our Met police for a fantastic evening of great community engagement with the local youth.

Friday evening saw the second police and youth debate organised by Champion’s Charity in Dagenham and hosted by the very talented spoken word artist Quinton Green.

The evening saw many local youth engage with police officers, anti knife crime campaigners and doctors from the Street Doctors charity based in London.

Organiser Peguy Kato works closely with our youth and realised many months ago that there was a need for the community to come together and just sit down and talk to each other and hear what they all of have to say to find some common ground and start to build community relations.

Since then Peguy has organised two fantastic events to bring our youth and police together in a start to build good community trust between the two. And the good news is, it is starting to work. By sitting down and listening to each other, the two groups were able to understand each other better.

East Area Gangs Engagement Officer Annouska Dunic has been involved in these events, talking to our youth and helping to provide excellent support for them. DC Dunic is a very well respected officer across East London who provides ongoing support for teenagers and their families.

Courtney Barrett from Binning Knives Saves Lives, an anti knife crime legend was also at the event to add his support and to work with teenagers. PC Michael Wallace from the Black Police Federation was also present to give his support. Michael is a fantastic police officer who set up Kick Off@3 to help engage young people through, music, sport and spoken word. The goal is to inspire and support as many young people as possible and he has certainly achieved this.

The evening also saw an amazing presentation by the two Street Doctors who demonstrated to our youth the impact of what happens when you are stabbed and the results it has on the body. The presentation was extremely informative for all of us in the audience.

Well done to everyone involved, this was a fantastic evening with great community engagement by all.

Great presentation by the Street Doctors.
PC Michael Wallace, DC Dunic, Tripletz, Peguy Kato and Special Constable Anthony Peltier.
Street Doctor Tilly, Spoken Word Artist Quinton Green, DC Dunic, SC Anthony Peltier, and Street Doctor Alice
SC Anthony Peltier, PC Michael Wallace, Julie Taylor and Courtney Barrett.

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