Heartbroken families and anti knife crime campaigners take to Downing Street to be heard.

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Families who lost their children to knife crime took to the streets of London on Saturday to make their voices heard in the fight against knife crime. The demonstration was the second successful event to take place across London organised by the anti knife crime crusader and London legend Courtney Barrett the founder of Binning Knives Saves Lives.

Bereaved families stood side by side with anti knife crime campaigners and youth workers in Parliament Square where their banners where placed across the grass for everyone to see and then together they marched outside of Downing Street and New Scotland Yard where their posters where placed up on the wall.

Each posters bares the face of a lost son or daughter murdered on our streets, another victim of knife crime, leaving behind another broken family.

Sue Hedges and April Hayden and Peguy Kato from Havering joined other families with their poster showing their murdered sons Ricky Hayden and Champion Ghanda. They proudly marched across the capital holding the poster of their loved one.

Courtney Barrett spoke about the importance of bleed control kits that are life savers in today’s society and how he is working closely with a chain of pubs to ensure these are placed across as many venues as possible. Mr Barrett is one of the capital’s biggest anti knife crime campaigner’s who works closely with police as an adviser and is well respected by all the communities.

Each family stood proudly holding their son’s banner, each family spoke about the horror they have faced and face each day after the murder of their child. Nothing will stop this pain and the saddest part is that nobody seems to care. The families respect the police and thank them for their support but acknowledge that this is a problem that needs urgent attention and yet despite children dying on our streets each week, nobody seems to be interested in addressing this pandemic.

Banners outside of New Scotland Yard.
The parents with their banners outside of Downing Street.
Event organiser Courtney Barrett with a bleed control kit.
April Hayden,Sue Hedges, and little Cruz Hayden with Ricky Hayden’s banner.
Julie Taylor with her grandson Leighton on Liam Taylor’s banner.
Peguy Kato heartbroken as she looks at her son Champion’s banner.
Murdered Tyler Thompson
Tony standing next to his murdered brother Peter’s poster.
Jonathan’s mum Michelle holding her son’s banner. He was her only son and his killer’s are still to be found.
Murdered Jay, his family proudly wear his face on t-shirt.
A t-shirt in honour of Joseph Cullimore. Joes Law.
A poster of murdered Ricardo Fuller another young man who lost his life to knife crime.
Jay Fathers’ family with their banner.

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