Victory for local residents as Tesco Gallows Corner planning application denied.


Ian Jacobs has lead the campaign to fight the planning application by Tesco and Weston Homes to build 87 flats in the car park of their Gallows Corner store.

Today Ian tells the Havering Daily:

“In response to the refusal of the planning application I would like to say we are overjoyed that the planning officer and council have refused this application on legal grounds and have shown common sense on a ridiculous proposal.

“A lot of hard work and effort has gone into the opposition of this proposal and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and the members who have been proactive and given their own time including the local councillors who supported our objections.

“I have said all along we need to oppose this with facts not feelings, and the facts overwhelmingly showed this development to be untenable.But alongside those facts was a genuine and substantial feeling in the community to oppose this.

“With this in mind we are now sending our petition to the CEO of Tesco in the hope that they see reason and decide to now not follow this up with an appeal against legal objections and the strength of feelings that their own customers have and indeed show they support the community and their own customers.”

Please see Ian’s letter highlighting key aspects of why residents in the area have opposed this planning application below.

Dear Sir,
You may be aware that a recent application to develop 87 flats in the carpark at Tesco Gallows Corner store no 3120 has been refused by Havering council on totally legal arguments and the opposition and feelings of local residents that use your store.
I represent over 1200 local customers and residents that have opposed this application 
I’m aware that your business partner Weston homes may possibly appeal this decision.
I would like to draw your attention to your own core values.
“Our business was built with a simple mission – to be the champion for customers, helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living.”

  • Understand customers
  • Be first to meet their needs
  • Act responsibly for our communities

“Understanding people – customers, colleagues, communities – and what matters to them, and then trying to make those things better, is at the heart of Tesco. “

I would therefore request that you abide by your own values and not contradict them and desist from appealing this decision if your core values are sincere.

This application has many genuine concerns for the community and no benefits.

You will soon receive a petition from a large amount of your customers and local residents .

Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to your response.


Ian Jacobs

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