Connie the dog celebrates her 14th birthday against all odds after having her pelvis smashed in horror injury.


A West Highland Terrier celebrated her fourteenth birthday on Monday, over coming many obstacles including not being able to walk. Connie from Hornchurch, proudly wore a little bow on her head as many locals across St Andrew’s Park wished her happy birthday as she really is a local legend.

Yet it was just two years ago that Connie was discovered on the side of the road dragging her back legs unable to walk properly, having spent the night out in the rain. Her owners Joyce and Jim were heartbroken when they discovered what had happened to their dog.

The Hornchurch couple had left Connie on the 21st of December with a lady they had known for several years as they had to attend a family gathering and did not want to leave her own her own.

However, when Jim returned to collect Connie the morning after he discovered that the property in Hall Lane, Aveley was unattended and the front door left wide open. Not only that, but as he entered the house to look for Connie he discovered broken glass and blood all across the floor and no sign of Connie.

Connie was found just after 2am by a good Samaritan who had picked her up and bought her home where he and his mum dried her off and contacted the dog warden. She was unable to walk well and was dragging her back legs behind her.

Owner Jim contacted the woman who was supposedly looking after her to discover what had gone on and was informed that she was in hospital and that she could not remember what had happened to Connie.

The Hornchurch couple believe that an altercation had taken place and that in the middle of the altercation Connie was kicked so hard that her pelvis was shattered multiple times.

Connie faced months of ongoing operations by specialist vets who had to reconstruct her pelvis and endless sessions of hydrotherapy to get her to walk again.

Now, despite a year of constant treatment, Connie is able to walk round the park, and even run and play with her friends as she used to before the nightmare she under went.

For Joyce and Jim, Connie is a very important part of the family and they did everything they could to get her back walking and out of pain. The couple took it in turns to sleep downstairs with Connie as she could not go upstairs for months. As well as paying thousands of pounds for many operations to get her hip and back legs rebuilt.

All this was worth it to see little Connie walk round the park with her friends.

Owner Jim told the Havering Daily:

“It’s great to see Connie being able to walk round the park with her friends and out of pain. We will never know exactly what she went through and just how much she suffered. But today she celebrates her birthday and myself and Joyce are so happy that she is back to being herself.”

Connie really is local legend and much loved by everyone in the area.

Connie after the injury where her pelvis was shattered.
Connie after under going her first operation.
Unable to walk.
Celebrating her 14th birthday. Happy Birthday Connie!

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