Hundreds sign petition for reversal of Minster Way traffic measures.


Over 700 residents have signed a petition for the reversal of the new traffic regulations now imposed on Minster Way in Hornchurch.

Locals are angry that the new rules have caused multiple complications and have ‘significantly’ increased traffic and congestion in the area.

The petition is calling for Havering Council to reverse these new traffic regulations that enforce a left turn only from Minster Way onto Wingletye Lane and no left from Wingeltye Lane onto Minster Way.

Traffic around the area can often be very heavily congested and the no left turn means an increase in cars at the traffic lights, especially during the time schools and colleges finish.

Residents have left comments stating that the scheme has had a ‘severely negative impact on the area as a whole and misplaced traffic that has put pedestrians in danger.’

The new traffic measure were imposed in June this year following concerns by residents living on Minster Way about the increase in accidents on their road, but so far have been extremely unpopular.

St Andrews Ward Councillor Paul Middleton told the Havering Daily:

“Cars turning left into Minster Way from Wingletye Lane are barely able to maintain the lane and cross on to the far side of the road. Cars tend to speed in the road, there were several accidents over the last few years. This is next to a school. 

“The issues in this area abated during the school holidays. Can we assume that the issues are compounded by parents driving their children to school, rather than getting the children to walk (or walking with them), or use the buses?  Surely walking is a healthier option. 

“There are complaints about traffic congestion and fumes, yet the car owners are the people adding to the congestion – can they really say that their trip is essential and that there is not an alternative? 

“We have contacted TfL to get the traffic lights rephased to allow more cars to travel in the relevant direction at peak times.”

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