Upminster pensioner angry at selfish people parking in disabled bays.

An Upminster resident is angry at selfish motorists who park in disabled bays, stopping genuine blue badge holders accessing their parking areas.

Gillian, who has lived in Upminster for twenty six years, is fed up with ongoing parking issues that have stopped her and other disabled residents from parking in disabled bays.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I have had a blue badge for the last six years as I suffer with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and cannot walk long distances. I use a crutch to lean on for short shopping trips but have to use a wheelchair for the longer distances.”

Gillian is angry at selfish motorists who park in disabled bays across Upminster, in particular by the station.

“It really is very frustrating for us. Before Covid we had traffic wardens and a car with a camera on top that would patrol the area. Now, there isn’t anyone to check and all these motorists are parking as they want.

“Going shopping once or twice a week is my bit of independence and allows me to get necessary items we need. However, when I get to the disabled bays, if they are taken up, I have to go home and come back later when there is a free space. Sadly this does happen quite regularly.

“I often see motorists waiting in disabled bays without the blue badge, clearly there to pick someone up from the station and I stare at them, but it makes no difference to them, they are selfish.

“It is the same trying to park at Queen’s Hospital, the parking there is also taken up by none blue badge holders.

“It really is very frustrating for us.”

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