‘How can I choose Havering when you’re asking us to leave?’

Following the recent Havering Daily article by the Havering Residents Association informing readers of how Havering Council were ‘mugging off staff’, a council worker has hit out at its employers. The Havering Council officer is angry that despite receiving mugs asking them to ‘Choose Havering’, staff have now been offered voluntary redundancies.

The officer told the Havering Daily:

“A week after receiving these mugs, Havering staff have been offered voluntary redundancies due to needing to make savings.

“But they can justify spending thousands on useless mugs, asking us to choose Havering. How can I choose Havering when you are asking us to leave?”.

In response a Havering Council spokesperson, said:  

“The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have had to change the way we work. This has included adapting to new technology, which makes it easier for residents to access information and interact with the Council. It also provided the Council with the opportunity to increase efficiency. This meant savings of £900,000 were agreed for business support in the Council’s March 2021 budget papers. 

“As part of shaping the workforce in response to these changes we have launched a voluntary release pilot scheme, which is available for up to 30 employees in business support roles. This scheme will help staff who put themselves forward to prepare financially for moving on from their role and support them throughout the process. 

“We know this will be a difficult time and we are working closely with the staff who are affected to provide them with the guidance and welfare support that they may need.”

2 thoughts on “‘How can I choose Havering when you’re asking us to leave?’

  • 14th September 2021 at 2:02 pm

    Bit of a non story really. Every year our Councillors vote to shove £1,000,000 in their own pockets and that never gets a mention.

  • 14th September 2021 at 4:03 pm

    Do we know what the spend on the mugs was? Absolute waste of tax payers money. With COVID still going strong surely everyone should bring their own mug anyway? And not share?


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