Anger as big tax hike goes through-see how your local MP voted.

Yesterday September 8, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke a manifesto pledge that the Conservative government would not raise taxes.

His party voted in favour of a big tax hike to pay for short term health alongside long term care needed by the country’s older population. The vote went through on a 319 to 248 in favour of the 1.25 % increase in national insurance payments.

Several Conservatives have voiced their concerns, Including Romford MP Andrew Rosindell on the impact it will have on working families who are already feeling the brunt.

Business leaders are believed to have reacted with dismay at this tax hike, clearly stating that the Conservative party could lose its ethos of being the ‘party of business.’

Across the country, the people are angered by this tax hike and feel that once again the Prime Minister is robbing those with the less to rob.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell abstained.

Hornchurch and Upminster MP Julia Lopez voted for the tax hike.

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas voted against.

Boris Johnson clearly stating on LBC radio that the Conservative government would not be raising taxes during the election build up.

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