Romford MP has ‘major worries about ratcheting up taxation on struggling families.’

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell abstained from last night’s vote to increase taxation, breaking a Conservative party manifesto pledge.

Mr Rosindell has openly voiced his concerns for families who are already struggling and the impact it will clearly have on them.

He stated:

“I support the Prime Minister in what he’s trying to do to fix the issue of social care, but I have major worries about ratcheting up taxation on families who are already struggling. We need a long term plan to deal with this issue based on economic growth, which is what a low tax economy brings, combined with insurance based solutions. I am very concerned that we are increasing the size of the state and not convinced this will be enough to solve the issues we are facing. I will abstain tonight and lobby Boris to look at better alternatives going forward.”

People across the country are angry with this large hike in taxation, especially after being told repeatedly by leading Conservatives during the election build up, that they would not be increasing taxes or national insurance, yet here we are.

2 thoughts on “Romford MP has ‘major worries about ratcheting up taxation on struggling families.’

  • 9th September 2021 at 12:30 pm

    I can understand that the backlog of the healthcare operations and appointments need to be seen to after being cancelled by the pandemic. But increasing taxation is not the strategy that I would prefer to fix the problem. There must be an alternative idea to deal with it.

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