Romford MP calls on Home Secretary to ‘get to grips’ with border control after report shows crossings in July already surpassed last year’s total.

Andrew Rosindell has made a renewed call to the Home Secretary to ‘get to grips’ with the management of our borders.

The M.P. for Romford, Andrew Rosindell, has written a further letter to the Home Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Priti Patel M.P. to “express the disappointment that myself and my constituents share about ever increasing number of migrants illegally crossing the English Channel.”

The letter comes after reports that, by July of this year, the number of migrant crossings over the English Channel had already surpassed the total for the entirety of 2020.

In the letter, Andrew Rosindell M.P. writes that “the failure to deal with this escalating and out of control situation is losing the government credibility with the people.”

He goes on to call on Ms Patel to “crack down on all those who attempt to illegally cross the English Channel to evade the U.K.’s border restrictions and the evil human traffickers that put them on the boats.”

Andrew also reminds the Home Secretary that “last year I wrote on numerous occasions expressing my frustration about how this situation has been allowed to escalate, but adds that “my constituents… still have faith that you are the Home Secretary who will tackle and solve this problem once and for all.”

Andrew Rosindell M.P. said:

“I will continue to push the Home Secretary in every way possible to solve this issue once and for all. It is unacceptable to see this illegal invasion of our shores continue any longer.”

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