No ‘fat pay packets’.

In response to the Havering Daily column entitled Mr Jones’ Jesting yesterday, David Taylor, Press and Communications Officer for Romford Conservatives writes:

Whilst we appreciate the value of humour in reporting, Mr Jones’’ ‘Jones’ Jesting’ article appears to confuse the facts regarding Romford Conservatives’ Town Centre Team. 

The team is formed of Conservative Councillors, and activists, from wards that either contain or border the town centre. It is an initiative of the local Conservative Association, not a committee formed by Havering Council and will not result in team members receiving ‘fat pay packets’. The team consists of a number of councillors, as well as volunteer activists and local MP Andrew Rosindell.

Our team is set up to engage with residents’ ideas about how we can revive Romford, with a focus on the town centre. As the original Havering Daily article notes, we invite suggestions and we look forward to hearing from residents. We have no intention of issuing ‘gushing reports about our former Mayor’, as Mr Jones suggests.

Similarly, the original article is very clear, that the mayor mentioned is Cllr Dilip Patel. Whilst we are certain Mr Patel would make an excellent Mayor of London, he has not yet chosen to pursue that role. Though perhaps Mr Jones is on to something? 

Humour is important in politics, however so are that facts.

Your readers can read about our Town Centre Team, as well as getting in touch with us, by visiting We look forward to hearing from them and to representing their ideas for our town.

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