VIDEO: Callous thief steals Laurel and Hardy from Noak Hill home.

Local community champion Lesley Haylett had her statues of Laurel and Hardy stolen from outside her home in the early hours of yesterday morning.

CCTV footage shows the thief pull outside the property in Noak Hill, look through her window, first drive off but then return to brazenly steal the two statues. The theft took place just after three am on Thursday 22 of July as Lesley and her family were asleep.

Lesley who is well known in the community for all the charity work she does, funding raising throughout the year, was heartbroken and told the Havering Daily:

“We have had the statues for over thirty five years. We are all really upset and want them back.”

Lesley, whose partner is currently under going medical treatment, continued: “They have been with us for so long, they are part of our family.

“They were stolen a few years ago but then luckily they were returned. We just want them back now.”

Let’s make Laurel and Hardy too hot to handle so they are returned to Lesley and her family. Lesley is an amazing community champion who always puts others before her, let’s stand with her now and help her bring her statues back.

CCTV footage of the thief.

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