‘My position is clear, NO to vaccine passports,’ -Andrew Rosindell MP.

Today, the Romford MP writes in the Havering Daily openly objecting to vaccine passports.

For many months now we have been told that our freedom is just a successful vaccination rollout away. I am pleased of course that more restrictions have been lifted and the Government did move to the final stage of the Roadmap. 

This isn’t the freedom that was promised however. We are now in the midst of a “pingdemic” with hundreds of thousands told to self-isolate, the Government is continuing to urge caution and reserve in our daily activities and many businesses and transport networks are continuing to make masks mandatory. International travel remains fiendishly complicated. 

I do believe the British public will live with these conditions for a period. They understand that the pandemic isn’t over.  

What I am convinced the British public won’t accept, and what I will resist, is the biosecurity state that we risk creating if the Government plans for vaccine passports go ahead. 

Because the Government have announced that from the end of September, when all over-18 year olds will have been offered both doses of the vaccine, vaccine passports will be mandatory to attend nightclubs or large events. Absurdly, there won’t even be the option of taking a test. 

One has to wonder as to the aim of this policy. It surely can’t be to protect the vulnerable, who have nearly all been vaccinated. For the few who have refused the vaccine, they have made a deliberate choice to take that risk. If the aim is to reduce cases, then this is a largely pointless objective now that cases and hospitalisations/deaths have been decoupled. If the aim is to increase state control over the individual, then this is a sign of creeping state control over the individual, which must be opposed by all freedom loving people. 

This would be a grotesque invasion on our personal liberty, after 16 months in which we have all sacrificed our most basic freedoms to protect others. I want to reassure the people of Romford that I will oppose it with all my might. 

2 thoughts on “‘My position is clear, NO to vaccine passports,’ -Andrew Rosindell MP.

  • 21st July 2021 at 10:08 am

    Well said Andrew, “vaccine passports” are intended to recreate the Chinese Communist Social Model in Britain and is part of the deep state establishment backlash against Brexit.

    Brexit was a populist revolt that wasn’t meant to happen and it rattled the elites who have normally run things behind the scenes. So to protect their privilege and control the elites are seeking to suppress this populism, of both left and right, by creating a big brother police state, under guise of dealing with a seasonal ‘flu’ virus (now responsible for almost zero deaths from all causes), hence “vaccine passports”. Check out council website under coronavirus update showing the figures and graphs.

    These are not even compulsory ID cards they are passports issued by a big brother government (if they get their way) to enable you to go about your daily business, visits shops and travel outside your home. Fall foul of the government and your passport is withdrawn. Similar, but far more draconian than the South African “internal passport” under Apartheid.

    Sadly Boris is a badly compromised PM, with many skeletons in and outside the cupboard, and is floundering, as the government has been captured by the corporate elites who grow fat on public spending (about £30 billion spent on “test and Trace”) as the health, economy and liberties of the many are destroyed.

  • 21st July 2021 at 2:11 pm

    Whether the Government introduces vaccine passports or not, there are now four things in life that are certain, death and taxes, and from now on, many other countries in the world will require some sort of proof of vaccination before entry, and every medical insurance questionnaire will ask if you have been double jabbed. Say no to either and you won’t travel and your premiums will be more. Of course, it should be everyone’s individual freedom of choice as to whether they have the vaccine or not, and there will always be those who can’t for medical reasons. The unfortunate side effect, no pun intended, will be the restrictions on travel and medical insurance costs. We don’t need ID cards as we all have mobile phones, so the Government knows where we are at any one time; your vehicle is being captured by ANPR cameras every b****y mile, your credit card proves your location with a purchase, your oyster card records your travel. We are already in a totalitarian state whichever way you look at it. The only difference, we have a freedom of speech, at least until we start to hurt the establishment. Bit like the ‘closet full of fruit cakes and loonies’. Look at the results of that comment.


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