Free swimming for school children in Havering.

Havering Council is offering free swimming sessions for school aged children and young adults until summer 2022.

The scheme is a boost to local leisure that will see up to 60,000 free swims being made available to children during all the school holidays starting this upcoming summer break, with bookings available immediately for sessions from 26 July for school aged and sixth form pupils.

The free swimming sessions are available to be booked in advance at Sapphire Ice and Leisure, Central Park Leisure Centre and the recently opened Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, complete with a 25-metre, eight-lane swimming pool and a 20-metre-wide learning and diving pool.

The Leader of Havering Council, Damian White, said: “We’ve committed to 60,000 free swims for all school going children and young adults living in the borough during school holidays until the end of summer 2022.

“School children have been impacted throughout the pandemic, with lessons interrupted, social interactions limited and a reduction in sport and physical activity. Free swimming is an opportunity to keep our younger residents fit and healthy during the upcoming school holidays.

“Leisure is at the forefront of the Council’s ambition and we want to see young people and their families really benefit from this scheme. We recognise that keeping younger family members occupied during school terms is a challenge and free swimming makes it free and easy for young people to enjoy our great facilities.

“This is another example of our investment in local leisure, and comes ahead of the Olympic Games that should serve as inspiration and motivation to us all to enjoy getting active.”

You need to register for a free Everyone Active card from any leisure centre and book via the Everyone Active App that can be downloaded via IOS and Google Play Store.

To access free swimming visit

One thought on “Free swimming for school children in Havering.

  • 21st July 2021 at 1:33 pm

    It’s getting pretty regular that I am having to praise Mr White for some of his initiatives, and, as long as they continue, I shall continue to do so too. 60,000 free swims for all school going children and young adults living in the borough is a brilliant idea and a great way to encourage them to take up a wonderful form exercise that is gained by way of swimming. But, some of those school children will be under age, so does that mean they will be penalised because their parents will have to pay to take them for their free swim, or will accompanying parents be entitled to a free swim as well? Just a little bit more ‘meat on the bones’ is required to clarify the exact meaning of 60,000 free swims for all school going children and young adults living in the borough.


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