Back Our Bobbies: Community hero officers step in to rescue stranded pensioners.

Well done to the Romford team of the East Area Police Safer Transport who stepped up to the mark to help two pensioners whose car had broken down in Harold Hill on Wednesday 14 of July.

Sergeant Andy Groom and his colleague PC Neil Wright were out and about on routine patrol when they came across the pair of pensioners stranded on the side of the road.

Sergeant Jo Eglinton told the Havering Daily:

“Sergeant Groom and PC Wright were out in Harold Hill when they spotted the couple in distress who had pulled over to one side.

“The gentleman had clipped the side of the kerb and had burst his tyre and was told he had a three hour wait for the AA to come and help him change the tyre.”

Sergeant Groom continued:

“The elderly couple had attended a cricket match and were on their home to Kent when they got lost in Harold Hill and then burst their tyre. They looked in distress so myself and PC Wright decided to get out and change the wheel for them and then give them directions how to get back home.

“It was a hot evening and the couple were very grateful for our help.

“They did an amazing service for our country, it is right that now we step in to help them when they need our support.”

Well done to Sergeant Groom and PC Wright who are two real community heroes, stepping in to help a couple in need.


Community champions! Police officers changing the tyre for the stranded couple

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