Knife Crime campaigner praised by families as a ‘real community hero’.

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Families of knife crime victims across the country have praised the organiser of the ‘Big Anti Knife Crime Demonstration’ held on Saturday 3 of July outside of City Hall for helping to unite them in a common cause.

The event, organised by knife crime campaigner Courtney Barrett, has been praised by the many families who attended for bringing them all together and allowing them to speak and share their incredible sense of sadness and frustration that nothing is being done about this epidemic.

Following the recent spate of stabbings across the capital that has seen more children murdered by knife crime yet again, these families are heartbroken that more mothers and fathers will go through the same pain they suffer everyday.

Julie Taylor who lost her grandson Liam ‘Fish’ Taylor stabbed to death in Essex, told the Havering Daily: “Saturday’s event was very warm and welcoming for us.I could not stop crying listening to the pain all the other bereaved families have also gone through.

“I was very comfortable with the lovely people around me and I felt like I have made a new extension to my family.

“It was a huge honour for me to meet Courtney who is an amazing man that is so kind and caring and so passionate about this important cause.”

Julie Taylor talking at the demonstration on Saturday

Sue Hedges who lost her son Ricky Hayden to knife crime in 2016, also spoke at the event.

She told the Havering Daily:

” I have so much love and respect for Courtney. He goes above and beyond to keep our knife crime campaign heard across the country. He has made these demonstrations into a family unit where we can all come together and share our stories.

“Courtney is selfless, he campaigns morning, noon and night to try and make London a safer place for us all. He has no funding from anyone which is disgusting after all the incredible work he puts in.”

April Hayden, sister of murdered Ricky Hayden who was also at the event on Saturday, told the Havering Daily:

“Courtney is kind and caring and has made these demonstrations easier to come to as we now feel like one big family.

“He always pays tribute to my brother Ricky Hayden who I miss so much.

“Both myself and my mum would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for everything he is doing and keeping our angels in the sky remembered, when they were so cruelly taken away from us.”

Sue Hedges and April Hayden at the demonstration on Saturday.

The demonstration saw many families unite and openly talk about their pain and what they have gone through.

Well done to Courtney Barrett for being a real community hero.

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