Hornchurch Country Park and its team of dedicated litter pickers.

Paul Holyoake and his team of volunteers are dedicated litter pickers that spend their mornings clearing up litter at Hornchurch Country Park. The five volunteers began this mission after walking their dogs and noticing all the unwanted litter left behind by dirty and lazy people who drop rubbish on the ground.

Paul from Hornchurch, told the Havering Daily; “During the summer months we go out everyday, there is a small army of us who are dedicated litter pickers and dog walkers. We can’t stand seeing rubbish strewn all over the floor, doing this everyday really makes us dislike people at times!”

Paul and his team of volunteers not only litter pick, but also help clear paths and look after the park in general.

“I have been litter picking for over twenty years now. My father did it in Sussex and when he passed away, I inherited his old litter stick and wanted to make good use of it.

“There are so many negative things going on in our world right now from the endless stabbings to car thefts. It is good for us to all work together and do something positive for our community.”

The former Graphic Designer is a dedicated litter picker who genuinely cares for his park and surroundings and does not like to see litter dropped on the ground.

He finished: “Most of us don’t like to see litter, fortunately this year as the weather has been poor the litter has not been too bad. It’s good to look after your look area.”

Well done Paul and team for doing this, you are community Champions!

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