VIDEO: Bereaved parents and anti knife crime campaigners unite outside City Hall to highlight the horrors of knife crime.

Bereaved parents sharing the pain of the loss of their sons made their voices heard alongside anti knife crime campaigners on Saturday 3rd of July outside City Hall.

Mothers and families from all across the country came wearing t-shirts showing their murdered sons face as reminder of the horrors of knife crime.

The event was organised by ‘The Knife Man’ Courtney Barrett an anti knife crime campaigner who has dedicated his life to working with youths across many communities to help put an end to these constant murders killing our youth and destroying our communities.

Bereaved families combined to support each other and share their grief, whilst campaigners read beautiful poetry that inspired the crowd listening.

Sue Hedges from Havering, who lost her son Ricky Hayden in 2016 to knife crime, gave a moving speech criticising the Government and London Mayor for their lack of support or willingness to listen to the reality of knife crime and the impacts it is having on our society.

She said: “My son wasn’t in a gang, he wasn’t in trouble with the police, all he did was try and stop his brother’s moped from being stolen. He was a well loved boy.

“Our life has been destroyed, our life will never be the same again. I had to watch my son get stabbed on CCTV at the Old Bailey. His murder means our life will never be the same. His death has destroyed my family.”

Sue Hedges addressing the crowd on Saturday.

The heartbreak felt from these parents left the crowd in tears. The common factor being that those who should be doing something about this are not and that nobody cares.

Campaigner, activist and poet Mr Milise, read very moving poems on knife crime, Peace and Love Movement were also present to voice their support from victims of knife crime that nobody seems to support. The School of Hard Knocks, Rise Against Bullying were also present to unite in this common cause.

Well done to Ben Spann who runs ‘Change Your Life Put Down Your Knife’, an anti knife crime group in the midlands, who cycled all the way from Leamington Spa to raise money for his charity who works with youth organisations to help prevent knife crime.

Mr Milise reading one of his very inspirational poems.
Family and friends of murdered Ricardo Fuller.
Family of murdered Jay.
Mr Milise with Sue Hedges, April Hayden and Demmie Richardson.
Ricky Hayden murdered in 2016.
Event organiser Courtney Barrett with campaigners from Rise Against Bullying.
Charity riders Ben Spann with Courtney Barrett.
Julie Taylor and her grandchildren remembering Liam Taylor, ‘Fish’ murdered in Writtle, Essex.
Chief Superintendent Roy Smith with event organiser Courtney Barrett.

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