East Area Police’s new Faith Officer.

East Area police have a new Faith Officer PCSO Kaser Aleem. Kaser is an officer who likes to support all members of the community and help everyone unite regardless of their beliefs.

He told the Havering Daily:

“I started as a PCSO in 2003. From there I moved to a Safer Neighbourhood team and started to work with different Faith Leaders in the area.”

PCSO Aleem is a very well respected man who gives his total commitment to his job and his community.

“I started to work with different Faith Leaders and Faith groups in the boroughs.

“I was able to identify any tensions in the area and start to tackle the issues straight away and work with the community. I began to work with Schools Officers and start to raise awareness of any issues that came up.

“My aim was to make sure everyone worked together as a community. I attended many different religious festivals and engaged with leaders across the board.”

Through his hard work and dedication PCSO Aleem also bought together many Faith leaders at a recent Eid celebration.

He continued: “I arranged for everyone to be able to talk and share their experiences. it is very important that we all work together. I have a lot of experience in working with different community leaders and was the first officer to really work and engage with Faith leaders across the board.

“The biggest challenge is to make sure we can understand each other. It is important that we can all share that one common platform and listen to each other even if we don’t all share the same beliefs.”

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