Councillor’s Corner: Serious Flooding on Abbs Cross Lane.

On Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of June 2021 I received several phone calls from very worried residents regarding the flooding that they were experiencing by the railway bridge in Abbs Cross Lane. Along with Councillor Paul Middleton and Councillor Ray Morgon we attended the location on both occasions to offer support and manage the traffic to try and minimise the disruption and damage to resident’s properties.

The flooding in this part of Abbs Cross Lane has been ongoing for years. The council do clean the drains out on a regular basis, but dirty drains are not the real issue. The problem is that the drains cannot cope with the vast volumes of water with which they are now dealing. I understand that it is not an easy problem to resolve but with climate change having a greater impact on our weather this problem can only get worse for the residents of Abbs Cross Lane. The council must now take this problem seriously and find a solution and fix it urgently.

Councillor Gerry O’Sullivan

St Andrews Ward

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