Women in Policing-‘I only ever wanted to join the police’-Sgt Wiseman

Today we continue our series on women in policing and looking at the amazing job they do in our community.

Sergeant Tanya Wiseman is definitely a lady who removes dangerous criminals off our streets. Sergeant Wiseman works in the East Area Violent Supression Unit dealing with street violence and particularly unpleasant individuals who are determined to cause criminality in our borough. Not only is Tanya a fantastic police officer but also a mum who has raised two teenage boys.

Tanya joined the police force 22 years ago after being inspired by the television series ‘Juliet Bravo’. She told the Havering Daily: “I was a police special in Essex when I was 22 years old and had done a police vocational course. Juliet Bravo really was my hero since the age of 11. It has always been my dream job and only ever wanted to join the police.”

Now Sergeant Wiseman is a tough fighting police officer that helps keep our streets safe.

“I work on the Violent Supression unit, we are teams of seven police constables and one sergeant. We tackle street violence, robberies, knife crime. We assist county forces and help stop county lines. The role is based around anything violent. We do lots of stop and search and proactive operations to tackle violent crime.”

Tanya balances her role of police officer alongside being a mum to two teenage boys.

“I’m lucky as I have a very supportive husband. He has been with me since the very start, he dropped me off at Hendon with my suitcase 22 years ago. We work things out very well between us. He chose to go part time as he did not particularly like his job and I really love mine. We are both very organised and plan things in advance. I have never missed any school plays or parents evenings. I plan things well and work my shifts around them. I do feel guilty at times being at work when my children are at home and it is hard when I see the crime on our streets I worry like all the parents out there for my two boys.”

Sergeant Wiseman sees the hardest side to our society and is saddened by the way our youngsters are turning to violent crime.

“We dealt with a job where we found a Rambo knife and BB gun under a teenager’s bed. Its so sad to see younger children carrying knives, I don’t think they see the bigger picture and are not looking at the consequences. It is sad and it makes me worry for my own sons when I deal with jobs like this.”

Sergeant Wiseman not only raises to two teenage boys but also manages to tackle front line crime on our streets everyday, one of the hardest jobs in London. Lets spare a thought to our police ladies who work long shifts and manage to raise a family as well.

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