‘I will be a voice for Havering’-Judith Garfield Labour GLA candidate.

On Thursday Londoners will go to the polls to vote for their Greater London Assembly member and Mayor of London choice.

Havering is quite a unique outer London borough and certainly has its own individual characteristics.

Running for the Havering and Redbridge seat for Labour is Redbridge Councillor Judith Garfield who is no stranger to the borough.

In an interview with the Havering Daily, Judith talks to us about her plans for making sure that our borough is no longer left behind.

Judith has always been an activist. It was in the 90’s that she began to really get involved with community projects on her housing estate, getting creche’s for parents and helping to champion women and their needs. Growing up in Redbridge where her parents have lived all their lives, Judith then moved to Newham and joined the Stratford Community Forum.

In 2000 she was elected as a Councillor in Stratford and her work as a community activist continued. She told the Havering Daily: “I had a lot of frustration at how not enough was being done for local communities. Living on a council estate I was able to see the lack of facilities women had and really wanted to do something about it. It was here that I joined Sure Start and chaired the group for six years.”

Judith has always been an east London lady, growing up in Redbridge and Havering and then moving to Newham.

“I am a local girl, I know Havering very well and I have spent a lot of time talking to local residents and engaging with them, listening to what they need for the area.

“The main issue for us is to cut crime and put more police on our streets. I want to work with the local communities to really get more resources for Havering.

“I work closely with Havering Cyclists and last year undertook a 25 kilometre walk for Hope for Havering, to help support and stop rough sleepers. I am on the Equalities Forum, another important aspect.

“The key issue for Havering residents really is the cutting of crime and to be that voice that can stand up and really champion this borough’s needs.Outer London boroughs need more resources and a person who knows the area well. I know Havering has always been left out.”

Judith is determined to be that voice that will speak up for Havering, especially on the topic of knife crime.

“I will definitely speak out against knife crime and fight hard to get better support for our young people and push to get education programmes in schools to educate our children against knife crime.”

The elections take place this Thursday May 6th.

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