‘Next time he could kill someone’-Collier Row cyclist hit and left with broken bones and multiple cuts and bruises.

A Collier Row man has written to the Mayor of London and the Romford MP after being knocked off his bike and left with broken bones and multiple cuts and bruises by a driver who literally appears to just accelerate and hit him outright.

The incident happened two Sunday’s ago in Romford at the junction of Romford Road and Whalebone Lane as Kieron was making his way home. As a result, he has suffered a broken elbow, concussion, cuts and bruises and may also have fractured his arm and shoulder, as he awaits pending scans.

In his letter to Mr Khan and Mr Rosindell, Kieron writes: “We are constantly being told to cycle more to improve our health and reduce greenhouse emissions. I took up cycling in January as a hobby and when the time comes to return to the office I will be making this a regular commute. Yet as you can see from the videos I checked for traffic, gave a clear right hand turn indication and as I came off the roundabout the car behind appears to line with me and accelerate.

“The driver does not apologise, check that I am okay or even bother to get out of his car. He has also given a plainly false version of the events saying I cut the roundabout and then stopped in the middle of the road. Not only is this demonstrably false, but I was actually out of the saddle accelerating!

“The police decision to only charge for careless driving makes a mockery of every single cyclist. It makes a mockery of my broken bones and it does not discourage the driver from doing it again, next time he could kill someone.”

Kieron concludes his letter by asking the London Mayor to “please show in a very real way your commitment to cycling.”

The shocking video of Kieron’s accident is featured below.

The shocking footage of Kieron’s accident.

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