Back our Bobbies: Schools Police officers calm response deals with difficult situation.

Well done to two Safer Schools Officers who not only gave up their day off to deal with a potentially difficult situation but their calm response defused what could have been a challenge.

PC Anthony Kiddle and Taff Edwards had been informed of trespassing and breaking into the closed football pitch at Emerson Park school in Hornchurch by a group of older teenagers who wanted to play football for several weeks. The field is padlocked and closed at weekends and teachers had noticed the broken padlock at the start of each week.

Unfortunately due to the current Government Covid rules, football cannot be played and the school field is private land and not open to everyone.

PC KIddle who is also the Cadet Co-ordinator for Havering and PC Edwards visited the football pitch on Saturday to asses the situation and found a large group of teenagers, who had all broken into the pitch, playing football.

One youth was issued with a community resolution and paid for the damage and the others were quietly spoken to and collected by their parents.

Well done to our hardworking officers who gave up their time to resolve this matter. #BackourBobbies.

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